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Mission Statement

ProFamily believes in the inherent goodness of people. We believe that most people love life and living but some lives are not as happy as they could be. Our goal is to help people live a happier, healthier life; a life that is satisfied and meaningful.

ProFamily works with clientele suffering from life altering mental illnesses as well as families affected by either the loss of their children through removal by the state or who have had significant involvement with government agencies.

We will be working to address the mental health needs of individuals who have had their personal well-being interrupted by their involvement with social services. We will also be working with families and individuals who have substantial mental health duress and difficulty.

We, the executors of this agency, see the needs that this agency fulfills as something that will never go away. Mental health disorders are prevalent in all societies around the world. We believe the needs of the mentally ill are ever prevalent in all societies and as such we are poised to work with this clientele in a fashion that will allow them both positive change and positive mental health, using whatever resources are at hand.