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Visitation Center Information

What can I expect from my visit?
Families will be allowed to visit in a private room with toys and comfortable furniture. There will be a ProFamily worker in the room at all times to supervise the visit. Parents must arrive 15 minutes early to the visit in order to have time for drug screening. If you are unable to be at your scheduled visit, please contact the Visitation Facilitator ASAP, preferably 24 hours in advance.

What are the rules for conduct?
You can download a copy of our Visitation Center Code of Conduct here. You will also be asked to sign a copy of our Rules and Guidelines at your first visit.

Who will contact me regarding visitation?
Irma Hendrix is the ProFamily Visitation Center Facilitator. She will
contact you regarding your visitation schedule, give you information
about mandatory drug screening, and payment (if not a DFCS
referred visitation). Mrs. Hendrix has over 30 years experience
working with families and children of all ages, including specialized
training in working with children with disabilities.